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She likes big words and playing pretend....

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am in various bands, just cuz I thought up a cool or funny name.

If anyone wants to join any of my various fake bands, let me know.

Lost in the Translation:
A sappy Emo band that focuses on how sad the members r over stuff that happened in grade school. Sometimes we break out into tears right on stage and have to cancel shows.
(Positions open: drummer, bongos, singer, guitarist, bassist [I play the keys])

The Crotchettes:
An angry chick punk band. Every song is about how much men suck and girls rock. U have to be able to look bad ass all the time and sneer while playing trashy guitar riffs. Only females apply please. (Positions open: bassist, drummer [I am guitarist and Melissa the Flea is singer])

Super Spandex Cats Over Broadway:
An over the top glam rock band who r always flaunting spandex and glitter, winter or summer, rain or shine. The songs don't make too much sense, since they were mostly written when the members were under the influence of one substance or another. Androgyny is a must. (Positions open: singer, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist [I'm on bass])

Joystik Killas:
One of those rap/metal bands everyone loves. The members have to put some sort of ridiculous make-up on, usually something clown or skull like, and we have to act like hardcore ghetto-ganstas 24/7. Is u down or is u a punk? (Positions open: all [u can never have too many members])

That is all for now. Feel free to reply if u wanna join in, or if u have a fake band of your own! Thanx music fans!
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